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A powerful design combined with high technology, giving you the possibility to charge your devices easier than ever before. WIRELESS

iphone 3 wireless charger


GETPOWERPAD™ enables you to charge your devices wirelessly. All you need is a GETPOWERPAD™ 3 plate and a receiver! You can do it too! Just go to your nearest ‘magic-shop’ and ask for the GETPOWERPAD™ 3 (it will be for sale in some ‘’non-magic shops’’ as well)

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design getpowerpad wireless charger

Sleek, industrial design

All its engineering effort is contained in a gorgeous 13.5-millimeter enclosure. The GETPOWERPAD™ 3 is praised for it’s sleek, industrial design that will suit your costly devices perfectly.

Magnetic positioning

Place your GETPOWERPAD™ enabled device on one of the charging spots and you will automatically feel the magnet working. This way, the receiver will automatically be placed in the most efficient charging position.

getpowerpad 3 wireless charger light

Smart indication light

The GETPOWERPAD™ 3 is equipped with a smart indication light. This build-in LED module will lighten up when you place a device on your GETPOWERPAD™. That’s fancy, huh?

Automatic start/stop function

When charging a device on the GETPOWERPAD™ 3, a blue light will lighten around the device. When fully charged, the blue light will stop lightning. Juice up your gear has never been that easy!

GETPOWERPAD™ Charge 3 devices wireless

Anti-slip surface

The GETPOWERPAD™ 3 is designed with special care to be laid on each type of surface. Its surface is made from special anti-slip material to get ultimate grip. In this way you won’t accidentally push away the GETPOWERPAD™ 3 with your favorite devices on it.

The more devices, the more efficient!

Please pay attention for the following: If you charge more than one device at the same time you will save on juice compared to wired charging! 
I repeat: you will save on energy with wireless charging! That’s amazing, right?

Charge up to 4 devices, simultaneously

Using the GETPOWERPAD™ 3 allows you to charge four devices simultaneously (three on the plate, and one via the USB port). 
No need to look if there is a wall charger available, just find one available spot to juice up all your devices!

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