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Wireless charging: sounds like a magic, dangerous technique, huh? Well, it’s not dangerous at all. We will tell you some ins and outs. If you want to know more about charging wireless, we would recommend you to ask your local Einstein… We like to keep things convenient: we charge wireless – what about you?

GETPOWERPAD™ uses induction technology to transfer power.
The Inductive charger uses the electromagnetic field to transfer energy between two devices. One device is designed to send the energy (GETPOWERPAD™) and the second one to receive it (GETPOWERPAD™ Receiver), and by simply touching each other, the energy starts to be transferred. The magnetic field induces a voltage in the receiver and gives power to the mobile device.

Did you know that…..?

wireless power has already been applied 100 years ago.

In 1891, the Serbian electrical engineer Nikola Tesla, was able to provide a light bulb with wireless power. In 1901 he even succeeded to power 200 light bulbs using one electrical motor by wireless power! Now, more than 100 years later, the technology has developed and allows consumers around the world to power their devices wireless! So join the club and DO TRY THIS AT HOME… We charge wireless – what about you?

you can actually save money by charging wirelessly.

By charging more than one device on the GETPOWERPAD™, the power efficiency is even higher than charging wired! Wireless transfer is obviously not as efficient as transport over a copper wire, GETPOWERPAD™ saves standby energy when you charge multiple devices compared to multiple external power adapters. We charge wireless – what about you?

some electric toothbrushes use inductive charging as well.

Yep, you may never have noticed it, but some electric toothbrushes use the convenience of induction as well to charge your toothbrush. However, for toothbrushes the power transfer is of course much lower. The idea is the same though. We charge wireless – what about you?

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