Premium Distributors

Premium Distributors of GETPOWERPAD™

Where to buy GETPOWERPAD™ ?

A powerful design combined with high technology, giving you the possibility to charge your devices easier than ever before. WIRELESS

China Taobao

Taobao is the biggest Chinese language web site for online shopping. Here you can find the GETPOWERPAD branded Taobao shop. Visit the GETPOWERPAD Taobao store.

Germany Bendata

Bendata is a German distributor with over 20 years of experience as IT professionals and have more than 10 years of expertise in computer spare parts distribution. Check the Bendata Online Store.

Italy – Fextal SRL

Fextal built a respectable know-how from the experience of other companies operating in different sectors. In all these years they have dealt with the import of various commodities and products. Check the Fextal website.

Japan Brother Union

Japan Brother Union is the official partner of GETPOWERPAD in Japan. Brother Union has many years of experience as a distributor in Japan and China. For more information please check the Brother Union website

Netherlands PhonePartners

Since 2001 Phone Partners B.V. is active in the telecom market. Meanwhile it has become one of the leading distributors in The Netherlands. Check the Phone Partners website.

Norway Alfa Network

Alfa Network Europe was founded in 2010, their vision is to empower people worldwide in buying and selling online. Check the Alfa Network Europe website.

Swiss Carthe LG

Since 1993, Carth LG provides representation / distribution in Switzerland of software publishers, manufacturers of peripherals and accessories. For more information please check the Carthe LG.

Swiss Computerworks

Computerworks was founded in 1985. Rooted in the IT field ranging from wholesale activities and distribution of computer peripherals. Check the Computerworks website.

Swiss Extablish

EXTABLISH has specialized in establishing and extending European markets for international companies by offering the full range of Marketing and Sales services. Check the Extablish website.

Swiss Portacomp

The Portacomp has been operating since 2001 as a distributor of IT products and UE. We know the trends of recent years and look forward to future technologies. Check the Portacomp website.

UK New Technology LTD

have been trading since June 2003 and since that time have developed strong relationships with a wide range of resellers, both e-commerce based and traditional High Street retailers. Check the NTP website.